• "coach your game”

    Personalize your
    short game practice

  • The most universal tool a coach or student can use.

  • Efficient.

  • Built to enhance sound fundamentals in the short game of golf
  • Goal Setting
    Practice Routines

  • Get your 18, 36, 54, 72 shots in to improve your golf touch


"coach your game”

Personalize your
short game practice

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Product description

Coach18 is designed to help the individual golfer improve their short-game fundamentals, build golf touch, set goals, and make practice time more beneficial.

Coach18 is the most universal tool a coach or student can use.  It’s perfect for coaching all short game shots on the practice facility or on the course.  Especially on the course!

Coach18 is perfect for golf coaches, golf teams, individual players and parents wanting to help their golfer.  Coach18 helps set goals and make practice more efficient and fun. 

Coach18 is simple and fun to use.  The short game methods are tested practice routines that   help improve your game! Learn sound short game fundamentals using the Coach18!

Coach18 Creation

Coach18 is a golf practice aid I’ve been working on for the past couple years. The process of putting this together has been very rewarding with many ups and downs along the way! Coaching golf is my favorite thing to do and I’m always thinking how to make it easier and more rewarding for the student. Golf is a hard game and anything we can do to make it more fun means, we’ve done our job.

The idea for Coach18 came to me while working on short game shots with students. I needed a way to set shots in a professional and timely manner. Using Coach18 you can retrieve 18 shots and reset a progression drill in under 2 minutes. So prescribing a student 54, 72 or even 90 shots, now they can get this practice done in a shorter time frame. This type of practice becomes more fun and builds golf touch as well.

The other main objective was to create a goal setting device that was easy to use, quick, simple and fun for the student. I wanted to know shot counts during their practice sessions so I could measure their progress. Coach18 does all this in an easy way counting by 18.

- Butch Haverland, PGA Professional


Example Logos




Ball placement
Body alignment
Square club face
Straightens plane of stroke
Shows length of stroke
Accelerate to Low Finish reminder


Club face alignment
Body alignment
Proper feet position
Proper weight distribution
Ball position
Hands position
Descending Strike
Straightens swing plane 
Easy set-up of drills and shot sequences
Easy clean-up


Alignment Training aid
Straightens Swing Plane
Quality and Quantity shot practice
Easy Set-up of shots
Easy Clean-up

On Course

Alignment aid for all shots
Ample amount of balls for on course instruction
Ease of setting shots 
Easy pick-up of ball from hole
Easy pick-up of ball from golf cart
Easy Clean-up

Happy customers

User reviews

They are great!

I am very impressed with your fit and finish. You have spent a lot of time thinking about each piece and how it goes together. The wrap is perfect and I love how you are able to personalize it. I truly think young players will want to practice more because of how simple you have made it for them. Well done Butch! I love it!
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
Bryan Haas, PGA

Director of Golf
Blue Top Ridge / Riverside Casino & Resort

an integral tool

Coach18 has been an integral tool in my teaching. I use Coach18 so much, my members come into my office to grab it for themselves. Coach18 is amazing!
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
Erin Strieck

PGA Professional
Pinnacle Country Club

helps to build a plan

Coach18 provides the best way to organize your short game practice and helps to build a plan. The biggest mistake people make when practicing is not having a plan. Coach18 solves that problem and provides instant feedback in feel versus real.
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
Brian Delaney, PGA

Head Golf Professional
Davenport Country Club