Coach18 Creation

Coach18 is a golf practice aid I’ve been working on for the past couple years. The process of putting this together has been very rewarding with many ups and downs along the way! Coaching golf is my favorite thing to do and I’m always thinking how to make it easier and more rewarding for the student. Golf is a hard game and anything we can do to make it more fun means, we’ve done our job.

The idea for Coach18 came to me while working on short game shots with students. I needed a way to set shots in a professional and timely manner. Using Coach18 you can retrieve 18 shots and reset a progression drill in under 2 minutes. So prescribing a student 54, 72 or even 90 shots, now they can get this practice done in a shorter time frame. This type of practice becomes more fun and builds golf touch as well.

The other main objective was to create a goal setting device that was easy to use, quick, simple and fun for the student. I wanted to know shot counts during their practice sessions so I could measure their progress. Coach18 does all this in an easy way counting by 18.

- Butch Haverland, PGA Professional