Alignment putting aid for body and putter face.

 Set ball on inside or outside of Coach18 to straighten plane of stroke.  Outside takeaway, cut stroke, place ball on inside. Inside takeaway, inside out stroke, ball on outside.

 Acceleration and low finish reminder.

 Shows length of stroke, short, medium, and long.  

Start with a 4’ putt and make sure the stroke is inside 6”, this will help with acceleration in the stroke. A tee stop hole is located at the 6" mark. For a longer putt, there is a 9" tee stop hole. The 9" tee stop may be used on shorter putts, depending on shape of putter head.

Ease of dropping and spacing balls on the green for all drills.


Coaches: Coach from all 3 positions. Target, front and behind hole.

  • easy to see posture set-up, body alignment, putter face alignment, plane of stroke, length of stroke, follow-thru position, pace of putt.
  • use as pointer, for breaking putts
  • easy to get one ball out of hole.